Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nesting Nesting Nesting!

I have been wanting to fix this spare bedroom up for a while. Now that I'm pregnant, this desire has really kicked in! I'm sure we'll have my mom or Gary's mom staying with us for a few days after baby Cash is born, and I wanted to make sure that room was cute and comfortable for them. It's only taken me 3 years to do it! HAHA!
I went to Rabbit's Lair in Rogers to find some fabric. I love that place. The ladies in there are so sweet and helpful. They also carry the cutest fabrics. The fabrics I ended up picking out are by Amy Butler. All of her designs are so fun and unique. It was really hard to pick some out since there were so many cute ones to choose from.
Here is a before picture of the room!
As you can see, it needed some major help! Tina didn't think so though. :) There is also a lot of paint stains on the wall from where Gary's old roommates that used to live here tried to cover up nail holes before they moved out. Gotta love them! They tried! The paint color just didn't quite match. I definitely didn't feel like repainting this room (I HATE PAINTING!), but I had some old frames that I was inspired by. I almost sold them in the garage sale, but I had a feeling I could use them. I was right!!! I decided I would paint them colors that coordinated with the pillows. Here's a before picture of the frames.

Once the pillows and frames were painted, it was time to put Gary to work. Zack just happened to be over today too, so he GOT to help! :) He's such a good sport. Here they are watching the soccer game. At least I waited until after the game to put them to work!
Off to work we go!

I'm getting excited!!!

The finished product!

I'm so happy with they way this turned out. Once again, my mom saved the day with her sewing skills! I've got to learn how to sew. Now I just need to find some curtains!
We got a new camera this weekend. We needed one so bad, especially since we have a little one on the way. We went with the Canon Rebel T3. I'm going to call and enroll in a month long class tomorrow to teach me how to use this thing since I'm completely clueless. Wish me luck!!!


  1. I love it! I've been trying to get decorating ideas and using pinterest to scour for them but this is awesome!

  2. Looks adorable. I think we (me, Holly and some of her friends) may be taking a sewing class soon. I'll let ya know if we do :)